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PCST Academy - Public Communication of Science and Technlology


The Academy is responsible for the creation of the documentary basis of the Public Communication of Science and Technology network (PCST) and its main task is the selection and organized collection of reports on particular topics in the field of communication and social understanding of science. In the closing ceremony of the 2004 PCST conference it was announced that the Science Communication Observatory of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), directed by prof. Vladimir de Semir, would host the PCST Academy.

PCST Committee

As stated by the Chair of the Network between 2004-2006, Vladimir de Semir, the Academy will additionally look for the necessary resources at international level to guarantee the access to the network of representatives from those countries that currently have to face more difficulties, being the main aim to represent and include the multiplicity of identities existing in the world. The study and practice of science communication should respect the different cultural contexts and integrate the knowledge coming from all continents.

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