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PCST Academy - Public Communication of Science and Technlology

Political Initiatives in Science Communication

Climate Shift - Clear Vision for the Next Decade of Public Debate
Matthew C. Nis¡bet, American University School of Communication, 2011

La función social de la cultura científica
Juan Ignacio Pérez, catedrático de Fisiología Animal de la UPV/EHU  y director de la Cátedra de Cultura Científica de la UPV/EHU, defiende la necesidad de extender la cultura científica entre la ciudadanía.
Juan Ignacio Pérez iglesias, cicNetwork, Abril 2011

The Science Journalism Initiative
The representatives of three African academics - Tshwane University, the Polytechnic of Namibia and the Makerere University met in Pretoria, South Africa - have reported to UNESCO on the progress of the science journalism initiative. Launched in 2008, this UNESCO-supported initiative aims at developing a post-graduate curriculum in science, health and environmental reporting.
Communication & Information - UNESCO, August 2010

Science for All Report & Action Plan
The Science for All Expert Group in UK has developed an Action Plan (full report in pdf), in discussion with Government and other stakeholders in response to the Science and Society consultation to: deliver a shift in cultural awareness, recognition and support for science by building on the Science:[So what? So everything] campaign; develop a co-ordinated public engagement framework which is sufficiently flexible to recognise a range of engagement activity (professional & volunteer, national & local) and creates the conditions for increased participation and debate; achieve greater acknowledgement of the importance of public engagement activity supported by increased training and recognition in all sectors; ensure public perspectives are sought, recognised and responded to by the scientific and policy communities
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (UK) - February 2010

ISOTOPE: Informing Science Outreach & Public Engagement
The Open University UK, January 2010

Challenging Futures of Science in Society
Emerging Trends and cutting-edge issues - MASIS report
Directorate-General for Research, European Commission, September 2009

The Essential Parallel Between Science and Democray
Sheila Jasanoff - Seed, February 2009

Global Governance of Science
Directorate-General for Research - European Commission, January 2009

Young people within the building of a European knowledge based society
Presidencia Francesa de la Comisión Europea, 2008 

Are we science-savvy enough to make informed decisions?
G. Jeffrey MacDonald, Special for USA TODAY, August 2008

How Our Culture Keeps Students Out of Science
Peter Wood - The Chronicle opf Higher Education, August 2008

Framing Science: A New Paradigm in Public Engagement
Matthew C. Nisbet - School of Communication (American University Washington), July 2008

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Lessons About Science Communication
Alan Leshner-AAAS, July 2008

ESCITY Action Guide
The Action Guide of the European project coordinated by the
Science Communication Observatory in Barcelona "Europe Science and the City: Promoting Scientific Culture at local level" contains best practices and recommendations to start up –or to further develop– local policies addressed to promote scientific culture at local level. It includes a collection of referenced cases of promotion of science culture that have been put into place in different European countries. It also includes a brief description of the local-regional-national context in which those cases have taken place, a summary, and a set of recommendations, as well as a brief description of the ESCITY project itself.
Science Communication Observatory (UPF), April 2008 

OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030
Executiv summary in english
Prospectiva Medioambiental de la OCDE para el 2030
Resumen ejecutivo en español
OECD, March 2008

Memòria de l'Any de la Ciència a Barcelona
ICUB, Febrer 2008

Informe Año de la Ciencia 2007 en España
Barómetro de evaluación del Año de la Ciencia 2007
FECYT, February 2008

Création, évolution et éducation
Philippe Le Vigouroux-AFIS Science, January 2008

Science & the City: a metropilitan estrategy to promote scientific culture at local level
Vladimir de Semir, 2007

Estudi d'indicadors per a mesurar el retorn social de la recerca a Catalunya
Eduard Aibar - UOC/CIRIT, December 2007

Interview to Marie-Claude Roland , researcher at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research
EurActiv, December 2007

Conclusiones de "Cultura científica y cultura democrática"
IV Congreso sobre Comunicación Social de las Ciencias, November 2007

FP7 Science in Society Program
European Commission, November 2007

Scientists' perceptions of the social and political implications of their research
Henry Small , Ann Kushmerick and Doug Benson, November 2007

Nanodialogues. Experiments in public engagement with science
Demos, 2007

Democratic Technologies?
Final report of the Nanotechnology Engagement Group (NEG), 2007

The Future of Public Engagement
M.C. Nisbert and D.A. Scheufele, November 2007

The dangers of creationism in education
Parlamentary Assembly - Council of Europa - October 2007

Al Gore's "good lies"
B. O'Neil, October 2007

Papers on research integrity: fostering responsible research
First World Conference on research integrity, Lisbon (Portugal). September 2007.

Communicating science
EurActiv, July 2007

Acción CRECE, dos años después (Spanish)
SEBBM, July 2007

Framing Science: Ways to Engage Citizens and Shape Public Policy
Chris Mooney (Seed Magazine and ScienceBlogs) & Matthew Nisbet (American University) - The New York Academy of Sciences, June 2007

Research and Societal Engagement
European Commission, June 2007

Science and its Public
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany), June 2007

Science education now: a renewed pedagogy for the future of Europe
RTD Info, June 2007

Open Access and the Progress of Science
A. Swan, May-June 2007

Reed-Elsevier's hypocrisy in selling arms and health
R. Smith, March 2007

Reflexion éthique sur la diffusion des resultats de la recherche
Comité d'éthique du CNRS, March 2007

Best Practices for Ensuring Scientific Integrity and Preventing Misconduct
OECD, February 2007

Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change
HM Treasury, February 2007

Taking European knowledge society seriously
European Commission, January 2007

Agenda 21 for culture
United Cities and Local Governments, September 2006

Politics & Science in Sweden
VA Publishers, 2006

Science et pays en développement. Afrique subsaharienne francophone
Academie des sciences, 2006.

Britain's path to the future - lit by the brilliant light of science
Tony Blair's speech to the Royal Society in Oxford, November 2006.

Barcelona Strategic Plan for Culture (English text)
Plan estratégico de cultura (texto en Castellano)
Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB), November 2006

The place of science in the European society: daily scoops or policy imperative?
El lugar de la ciencia en la sociedad europea: ¿exclusivas diarias o imperativos políticos?
Jean Michel Bauer - European Commission, 2006

ESCITY is born - a new network to promote science culture locally
G. Revuelta, June 2006

Government Policy on the Management of Risk
British House of Lords, June 2006

Science and the public interest
The Royal Society, April 2006

Ciudad y ciencia en Europa (Spanish)
J. Cáceres, April 2006

The Evolving Context for Science - Society Dialogues
Alan Leshner - AAAS, March 2006 

Reviewing the EU's Science and Society Action Plan
European Commission, February 2006

Science and society (2). Science for society: the social responsability of scientists
Ciencia y sociedad (2). Ciencia para la sociedad: la responsabilidad social del científico
COSCE (Confederación de Sociedades Científicas de España), January 2006

Science and society (6). A central aspect of the relationship between science and society: women and science
Ciencia y sociedad (6). Un aspecto central de las relaciones ciencia-sociedad: mujer y ciencia
COSCE (Confederación de Sociedades Científicas de España), January 2006.

Science and society. Summary
Ciencia y sociedad. Resumen
COSCE (Confederación de Sociedades Científicas de España), January 2006.

Popularisation of sciences. A crucial political issue (PDF Document)
Popularisation of sciences. A crucial political issue (Power Point)
V. de Semir, November 2005

Ciência Viva - A National Programme in Portugal for Scientific and Technological Culture
The Ciência Viva (literally "Science Alive") Programme for the promotion of scientific and technological culture was launched in Portugal in June 1996 in three areas: science education in schools, Science and Technology awareness of the general public and interactive science centers. Between 1996 and 2001, the budget of the Programme was set at 5% of the funding of research by the ministry of Science and Technology

La Ciudad por la Ciencia
Comisionado de Cultura Científica-Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Noviembre 2004
La Ciutat per la Ciència
Commissionat de Cultura Científica-Ajuntament de Barcelona, Novembre 2004 

Desarrollo sostenible del saber y del poder
V. de Semir, 2004

OLYMPIA-BARCELONA LETTER "Scientific knowledge and cultural diversity"
CARTA DE OLIMPIA Y DE BARCELONA "Conocimiento científico y diversidad cultural"
June 2004

Étique et evaluation
COMETS, June 2004

Plan National pour la Diffusion de la Culture Scientifique et Technique
Ministère de Culture et de la Communication de France, Février 2004

Science and technology in a vulnerable world
Supplement to AAAS Science and Technology Policy, Yearbook 2003.

La culture scientifique et technique pour tous : une priorité nationale
Commission des Affaires Culturelles - Sénat de France, Juillet 2003

Extracts from Presidency Conclusion on the Lisbon Strategy by theme
European Councils, June 2003.

Ponencia sobre las enseñanzas científicas en la educación secundaria (document in Spanish)
Senado de España, May 2003.
Benchmarking national research policies conference
European Commission, January 2003.

Towards an European Research Area. Science Technology & Innovation: Key Figures 2002
European Commission, 2002.

Science and society. Action Plan
European Commission, 2002.

Report from the expert group benchmarking the promotion of RTD culture and public understanding of science
Annexes of the report
CORDIS, July 2002.

National Policies on Women and Science in Europe
European Commission (Helsinki Group on Women and Science), March 2002.

Science & Society Action Plan
European Commission, December 2001.

Coneixement i convivència: els nous límits de Barcelona
Vladimir de Semir - BMM, 2001 

Third report on Science and Technology
House of Lords (UK), February 2000.

Towards a European Research Area
European Commission, 2000. 

Science for the XXI Century
World Conference on Science - UNESCO, 2000

Scientific Communication - A Vanity Fair?
G. Franck, October 1999.

Harnessing Science to Society
UNESCO, 1999 

Declaration on science and the use of scientific knowledge
UNESCO, July 1999.

Science is Culture
Commission for the Advancement of Scientific Culture-Generalitat de Catalunya, 1989
La Ciencia es Cultura
Comisión para el Estímulo de la Cultura Científica- Generalitat de Catalunya, 1989

Science The Endless Frontier
Vannevar Bush, 1945

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