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Museums and Science Centres

What are science museums for?
Rebekah Higgitt, January 2011

The 95 per cent solution
School is not where most Americans learn most of their science
John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierkin - American Scientist, November-December 2010

Museos científicos... un mundo preDosPuntoCero
Javier Armentia, Planetario de Pamplona, Mayo 2010

At 40, Exploratorium still leads hands-on science
Katie Worth, San Francisco Examiner, November 2009

Museología científica actual
Antoni Ten Ros, (2ª edición) 2009

Museos de ciencia interactivos: ¿ciencia o arte?
Guillermo Fernández - Revista de Museología, 2009

Parque de las Ciencias de Granada: una nueva especie de museo
Octubre, 2008

Museum 3.0
What will the museum of the future be like? A network for those interested in the future of cultural institutions such as museums, galleries, science centres and other collecting bodies

Parque de las Ciencias de Granada: un gran espacio para la cultura científica
Andalucía Económica, Abril 2008

Estudio del impacto socioeconómico de los parques científicos y tecnológicos de España
APTE, 2008

Museums of Science and Technology in Lisbon
Maria Paula Diogo, July 2008

ECSITE position statement on Science
Ecsite Annual General Meeting - Budapest, Hungary, May 2008

Communicating Science Through Science Museums & Centers
Matthew C. Nisbet, March 2008

The State of Science in America
Chicago's Museum of Science and industry, March 2008

Survey on science communication institutions in Europe
ECSITE, 2008

A Change in the Weather. European Coverage of Global Climate Change
Sciencenter Ithacam (New York), December 31, 2007
Charlie Trautman, executive director of the Sciencenter in Ithaca - New York, US, traveled to Europe and surveyed a wide variety of science museums, centers, and other informal educational organizations to learn how they communicate the subjects of sustainability and global warming to the public. His report includes a new tool, called the "Museum Sustainability Index," which museums can use to assess their own progress in becoming more sustainable organizations and communicating the science of sustainability to the public.

Diálogos & ciência (Portuguese)
Mediação em museus e centros de ciência 2007

Un paseo por los museos científicos de Barcelona. Un itinerario de cuatro siglos (document in Spanish)
P. Gallegos, May 2006

Science and society (5). Science museums and their role in the relationship between science and society
Ciencia y sociedad (5). Museos de ciencia y su papel en las relaciones ciencia-sociedad
COSCE (Confederación de Sociedades Científicas de España), January 2006

Criterios para la elaboración del Plan Museológico (text in Spanish)
Ministerio de Cultura, 2006

Museos de salud y vida (Spanish)
Quark magazine, April 2005

School visits to a research laboratory as non-formal education
K. Dimopoulos and V. Koulaidis, 2005
What are museums for?
C. Ovenden, September 2004

The Exploratorium at 35: past, present and future
Rob Semper, June 2004
Science and technology centers as 'texts'
K. Dimopoulos et al., 2002
The impact of science centers/museums on their surrounding communities: summary report
R. Garnett, July 2001

What is scientific and technological culture and how is it measured? A multidimensional model
B. Godin and Y. Gingras, 2000

A Rationale for a Science Museum
Frank Oppenheimer - University of Colorado, November 1968 
Other articles of R. Oppenheimer related to museums and science education


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