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Horizon 2020: a response by the Public Communication of Science and Technology Network
European Members of the Scientific Committee of PCST Netwok, June 2012 

Science Magazines in the World
Suzanne de Cheveigné

Science communication, an emerging discipline
Brian Trench & Massimiano Bucchi- JCom, December 2010

Vladimir de Semir: "El público tiene una actitud positiva hacia la ciencia, pero sus conocimientos sobre el tema son escasos"
La Universidad Digital, Universidad de Córdoba (Argentina), Marzo 2009

Engaging: The Key to Communicative Effectiveness of Science and Ideas
Hak-Soo Kim, January 2009

Selected Publications form Hans Peter Peter

Science communication: a conceptual framework
M. Patairiya

El creacionismo diseña una Tierra plana
Vladimir de Semir - Quark, Mayo 2008

Engaging the Scientific Community With the Public
Rick Borchelt and Kathy Hudson, April 21st, 2008

Periodismo científico = rigor + amenidad
Entrevista con Vladimir de Semir
Laura García - El Mercurio (Argentina), December 2007

La divulgación de la ciencia es estratégica (an interview to Vladimir de Semir)
Revista institucional Novartis, November 2007

Vladimir de Semir: 25 años de periodismo científico (1982-2007)
P. Morales, October 2007

Incommunicable, la science?
M. Claessens, September 2007

Bienvenido el periodismo científico en América Latina
Luisa Massarani, Agosto 2007

Massimiano Bucchi's papers

PEP/IS a new model for communicative effectiveness of Science
H.-S. Kim, March 2007

Why should we care about science books?
B.V. Lewenstein, March 2007

An interview to Bernard Schiele, member of PCST executive committee
RDT Info, December 2006.

ESCITY is born - a new network to promote science culture locally
G. Revuelta, June 2006.

Scientific Culture for Global Citizenship: final report
Scientific Culture for Global Citizenship (PCST-9, Proceedings of the International Conference)
Seoul, South Korea. May 17-20, 2006.

Science communication as a means of preventing infextious diseases: community selection and development of the communication program
L. Vargas-Parada et al., 2006.

Publicizing science! To what purpose?
B. Schiele, 2005.

An interview to Vladimir de Semir, member of PCST executive committee
RDT Info, November 2005.

Science communication for scientists: Experiences from Australia
R. Lamberts and S. Stocklmayer, 2005.

At the human scale. International practices of science communication
Table of contents
Order form
Science press. Beijing, 2005

Scientific knowledge from, for and through cultural diversity
V. de Semir and G. Revuelta, June 2004.

Scientific knowledge and cultural diversity (PCST's 8th Conference)
Dialogues of the Barcelona Forum of Cultures, June 2004.

Scientific knowledge and cultural diversity (PCST's 8th Conference)
Quark, April-June 2004.

Scientific knowledge and cultural diversity
PCST, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference
Forum of cultures, Barcelona. June 3-6, 2004.

The international Public Communication of Science and Technology Network. A brief historical overview (English)
La red internacional sobre comunicación pública de la ciencia y la tecnología. Una breve reseña histórica (castellano)
P. Fayard, P. Catapano and B. Lewenstein, June 2004.

PCST enables indigenous rice varieties and the commercial ones to co-exists: a case study from Thailand
Y. Tinnaluck, June 2004

The PCST Network seen through 341 abstracts
G. Revuelta, I. Bassedas, S. Coll and K. Islas. April-June 2004.

PCST-7, papers and documents
Cape Town, South Africa. December 4-7, 2002

Trends in Science Communication today: bridging the gap between Theory and Practice (PCST-6, Proceedings of the International Conference)
Geneva, Switzerland. February 1-3, 2001

Science without frontiers (PCST-5, Proceedings of the International Conference)
Berlin, Germany. September 17-19, 1998.

La science dans une société médiatisée
Suzanne de Cheveigné - Hermés 1997

Incentives and impediments to scientist communicating through the media
Toss Gascoigne & Jennifer Metclafe, 1994

When science becomes culture (PCST-3, Proceedings of the International Conference)
Montréal, Canada. April 10-13, 1994.

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