Link to other labs in the world

For a description of the research group in Behavioral and Experimental Economics at UPF go to:

For names and addresses of experimental economists, a good source are the:

  Laboratorie d'Economie Expérimentale de Montpellier at Montpellier University.
  Center for Experimental Business Research at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  Laboratory for Economic Management and Auctions (LEMA) at Penn State.

For recruiting subjects (via internet) for lab experiments:

  ORSEE (by Ben Greiner) is a web-based Online Recruitment System, specifically designed for organizing economic experiments:
There is a test system online where you can log on without registering:
ORSEE will be installed on a local server (ExLab maintains your subject database on their server).
A user manual and installation notes are available as well:
  The online web facility at ExLab: is widely used around the world.
  CASSELL from CalTech (via internet). The CalTech lab has been developing both experiment management and experimental software in the past several years.
They are due to release a new version of the experiment management/recruiting web application very soon.

For designing, programming and running experiments:

  Ztree Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments (Ztree) is a software software package allows to develop and to carry out economic experiments.
  LabSEE  -a new experimental program. This program uses Java as programming environment to conduct experiments over the Internet. The functionality should be similar to Z-tree. The beta version and tutorial will be available soon at:
Now, you can download version 0.5 with no documentation.
  In addition, some bigger labs (SSEL, CASSEL, ICES, ESI) offer code or programs for free download.
For instance: Veconlab provides about 50 on-line programs for different types of markets/experiments.
jMarkets is open software to run markets experiments online, see
Experiment Software for Teaching: from the Experimental Economics Center at Georgia State University provides "an economics digital library specializing in content that emphasizes the use of experiments in teaching and research." Games Economists Play: Non-Computerized Classroom-Games for College Economics.

Other interesting links:

  The Association of experimental economics
  Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision-Making at the University of Amsterdam.
  Economic Science Lab at the University of Arizona.
  Laboratory of Experimental Economics at the University of Bonn.
  The Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Political Science at Cal Tech, directed by Charlie Plott, will soon have an exciting web page.
  Experimental Economics Laboratory at the University of East Anglia.
  Hebrew University of Jerusalem--RatioLab.
  Experimental Economics Laboratory at McMaster University.
  Experimental Economics Research Program at the University of New Mexico.
  John Van Huyck at Texas A&M University has been doing a lot of interesting work much of which is now available on his Game Theory and Experimental Economics page.
  Centre for Experimental Economics at the University of York.
  Al Roth's game theory and experimental economics page.