Global Cities

"Global Cities: Barcelona - Los Angeles" is a Summer School conceived and organized by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Its program provides a comparative perspective on a variety of topics pertaining to the Humanities, Political Science and Communication Studies. These are not only core academic areas both at UPF and UCLA, but also knowledge fields that reflect the creativity, the industries and the social, political and cultural background of the host cities: Barcelona and Los Angeles.

The Summer School "Global Cities: Barcelona - Los Angeles" offers a joint program divided in two consecutive sessions, the former at UPF in Barcelona (from June 21 to July 28 and the latter at UCLA in Los Angeles (from August 1st to September 9).It therefore allows students to take courses at both institutions during their respective summer sessions, providing a full-quarter credit progression with the added value of mobility. Both sessions are part of the regular academic offer of UPF and UCLA, and can therefore also be taken as independent modules by local and international students according to the enrolment rules of each institution.

"Global Cities: Barcelona - Los Angeles" offers European, North American and other international students the opportunity to mix in the classroom and enjoy a unique academic and cultural experience which combines credit-bearing courses with on-site learning activities. Taking into consideration the level of commitment required to complete the two modules in 12 weeks, the joint program has been conceived as an honors program and is mainly addressed to outstanding students. 

The faculty in charge of all courses is regular UPF and UCLA teaching staff with the relevant expertise in the study field. Guest speakers may be invited to join and participate in some of the sessions.

List of courses and session dates

UPF Summer Session courses  UCLA Summer Session courses 
Dates: June 27-July 28 2016 Dates: August 1-September 9 2016
-Society and Politics in   Contemporary Spain.
-Current Issues on the European Union in a Global World.
-España y las Américas: transición y democratización.

-Sociology of Crime
-Social Networks
-Global Environment and World Politics
-Government and Politics in the Middle East
-Electoral Polítics: Public opinion and Voting Behavior
-Malcolm X and Black Liberation
-Globalization: Markets
-Selected Topics in Global Studies

-"Sketches of Spain": Spain in Contemporary Mass and Visual Culture. 
-Imágenes de España en el cine contemporáneo.
-Barcelona on Stage: Documentary Workshop
-Entrepreneurial Communication
-Theory of Persuasive Communication
-Social Networking
-Media, Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality   
-Digital Cinematography
-Film genres
-Film and TV Directing
-Producing III: Marketing, Distribution, and Exhibition
-Spanish Postmodernism and Beyond.
-Contemporary Barcelona and its Cultural History.
-La Edad de Plata: intelectuales y artistas en las Vanguardias españolas de entreguerras.
-Movimientos sociales y cambio político-cultural en España s.XXI
-Cultura y Literatura de los Siglos de Oro.
-Destination Barcelona: la ciudad y su escritura.

-Recent African American Urban Story: Funk, Music and Politics of Black Popular Culture
-Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture
-Economic Development and Culture Change
-Selected Topic in Global Studies
-History of Los Angeles

-Modern Statistical Computing in R
- ¿Crisis? ¿por qué crisis? Vivienda y mercado laboral: claves para abordar la crisis española
-Current Issues on the European Union in a Global World

-Special Topics in Management. 
-Globalization Markets
-Pricing and Strategy
-International Finance
-Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation
-Entrepreneurship and New Product Development
-Environmental Economics

Lengua española (beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced, superior levels) *start June, 21