Celebrating Sant Jordi today
Today is 23rd of April, a popular festive day when book and rose stalls, and, above all, floods of people, take over the streets of all Catalan towns and villages. 
Suport Luz Rello Kickstarter project
Suport for Luz Rello Kickstarter Project
Steps for Official recognition of university studies

How to recognize oficially university studies

European Union Analysis Visa Application
European Union analyses the possibility of visa application for USA
Why to Study at the Catalan universities
Why study at the Catalan universities and what's on offer there?
New flat offer available
There is a brand new offer of a 100m sq flat available in Barcelona. If you are interested in, check here! 
Would you like to learn Spanish?

Are you a newcomer at our Department DTIC? Do you want to learn Spanish ? The UPF Languages offers a wide range of courses, including courses in Catalan and Spanish as a foreign language each term.

Short Stay Visa Application
IDTIC has prepared a new form to help you to get an official UPF document for Visa Application for congress attendance or short stay abroad , if you travel out of the Schengen Area.
You can find this form in the Highlights or in Visa and Immigration. 
New PhD students!

This  year  people from all around the world arrived to our Department as a PhD students:  Turkey , India, Russia , Polonia,  Germany , Italy , Morocco, Ukraine, Colombia, Algeria, Sudan , Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain. 

Carnival 2015
Carnival's time is here again. This typical festive season involves a public celebrations and parades, inviting people to go out and enjoy these public street parties.
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