UPF worldwide

Internationalisation, a foundational pillar of Pompeu Fabra University, also constitutes the key to the university's strategy for the future, which has led to an active policy of international relations for knowledge exchange and generation, as well as for attracting talent.

One of the tools for this has been strategic alliances, as, for instance, with the Alianza 4U in Spain, the Europaeum association in Europe and the Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona (CASB) with American universities. Another tool has consisted of bilateral agreements that have grown to comprise a full-blown network of collaboration with prestigious universities and institutions around the world.

Marcador de mobilitat d'estudiants i docents Student or teaching staff mobility
Marcador Aliança A4U A4U Alliance
Marcador de col3laboració acadèmica o institucional Academic or institutional collaboration
Marcador Associació Europaeum Europaeum Association
Marcador estudi conjunt Joint Degree
Marcador Consorci CASB CASB Consortium