Exchange students

Welcome to Pompeu Fabra University!

We appreciate the trust you placed in us by choosing our university for your exchange. On campus, apart from regular UPF students, you'll find another 600 students who, like you, are here on exchange programmes from universities the world over.

Our teaching model requires a high degree of commitment on your part, and we offer you services and resources to help you during your academic stay.

At UPF, you can go to the Mobility and Reception Office (OMA) or the Mobility Coordinator of your study programme. The OMA Offices are designed to inform and provide support to all exchange students, and we will assist you even before you arrive in Barcelona and until your stay with the UPF is over. Moreover, you will be assigned a professor who, as mobility coordinator, will provide counselling and guidance in strictly academic matters.

You'll find all sorts of useful information to prepare your academic period at UPF in the "Welcome to UPF" manual. You can also peruse the web sections Living in Barcelona and Studying at UPF.

Registering as an Exchange Student

All exchange students arriving on a university exchange programme will be sent a link to an on-line exchange student registration form. You will also have to submit:

  • A scan or photocopy of your ID or passport
  • A scan or photocopy of your health insurance plan, which must be valid in Barcelona (European Health Insurance Card for Erasmus students)

Registration deadlines for the 2018-19 academic Year:

  • First Trimester: 30th May 2018
  • Second and Third Trimesters: 30th October 2018

Enrolment and Available Courses

Enrolment in courses takes place before the student's arrival to the UPF. The OMA Office will send you detailed instructions on how to carry out the enrolment process. Courses are filled by strict order of receipt of student enrolment requests. We recommend you have various alternative course options in case your first-choice course is filled.

Enrolment dates for the 2018-19 Academic Year:

  • Students arriving the 1st term: July 2018
    • Add & drop days: September 2018

  • Students arriving the 2nd term or 3rd term: November 2018
    • Add & drop days 2nd term: January 2019
    • Add & drop days 3rd term: April 2019 
You may apply for changing courses at the beginning of each term, once courses have begun.

Check the 2018-2019 academic offering for exchange students