Study at UPF

A Top tier Public University

In less than 25 years, Pompeu Fabra University has risen to a position among the elite universities of the world, ranking 13th among the world's youngest universities (Times Higher Education 100 under 50, 2014) for the quality of its faculty, its innovative research and its international outlook.

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In an Urban Setting with All Sorts of Conveniences

The UPF campuses are located in the heart of the city of Barcelona, from the Rambla Street in the very centre to the [email protected] technological district. It is an urban university, meshed into the fabric of the city, which can be easily reached by public transport. It has modern facilities and services for learning and research, and offers a wide range of activities for experiencing the city and integrating into the university community that enrich students' time at the UPF even more.

Top-Quality, EU-Adapted Study Programmes

All degree programmes are adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). UPF was one of the first Spanish universities to offer 100% of their study programmes adapted to the EU.

University system

Academic calendar

As a differentiating trait, Pompeu Fabra University structures its academic calendar in terms, even including a summer trimester. This model facilitates a continuous learning and evaluation model as per the philosophy of the Bologna Process.

  • 1st trimester: from late September to late December
  • 2nd trimester: from January to late March or early April
  • 3rd trimester: from early April to late June

Each term consists of 10 weeks of class and 2 exam weeks, followed by a holiday period (Christmas, Holy Week and Summer, respectively). Check the academic calendar for:


Grading system

The Spanish grading system is based on a scale from 0 to 10, where 5 is the minimum passing mark
UPF grading system ECTS grading system
(approx. equivalence)
Excellent *
(Excel·lent / Sobresaliente)
9 -10 A
(Notable / Notable)
7 -8.99 B
(Aprovat / Aprobado)
5 -6.99 C, D and E
(Suspens / Suspendido)
0-4.99 FX and F
*The top 5% of the class can get a Honours mark (Matrícula d'Honor / Matrícula de Honor)