UPF Research Park

  • Wellington II building: €15.2M
  • Built-up area of 8,685 m2
  • Home to 14 leading centres in the social sciences and humanities
  • Future: new building to have a built-up area of 4,260 m2 (projected outlay: €14M)

Results under the EU's 7th Framework Programme

Initial results under the Horizon 2020 programme

International talent recruitment

Scientific output

  • Most productive Spanish university (U-Ranking, 2015)
  • Top Spanish university in normalized impact of its papers (Scimago, 2014)
  • Top Spanish university in percentage of papers published in collaboration with foreign institutions (Scimago, 2014)

Ministerial recognition

  • Two accredited 'Severo Ochoa' centres of excellence
  • Two departments (DCEXS and DTIC) designated a 'María de Maeztu' unit of excellence

Knowledge transfer


  • Bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor's degree in Global Studies
  • Open bachelor's degree programme
  • A4U bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering
  • As well as simultaneous and double degree programmes

New Doctoral School

  • 89% of programmes have received the Spanish Ministry of Education's 'Pathway to Excellence' award
  • 63% of theses are read in English (2014)
  • 52% of students are international

Support for MOOCs

Strategic partnerships

  • UPF-UCLA Summer School
  • JHU-UPF Public Policy Center
  • Networks joined since being designated a CEI: Europaeum, Yerun

Alumni programme

  • 30% of all UPF alumni
  • Career services
  • Class reunions

Opening of new international markets

  • New agreements to consolidate position in BRICS countries
  • Entry into the Turkish, Philippine and Iranian markets via the A4U


The CEI UPF-IcÓria Project classified as a Campus of International Excellence (CEI) obtaining the highest score
The international commission evaluating the project stresses that "the University has successfully carried out an ambitious, well-focused programme" and recommends "continuing with its commitment to strengths in teaching and research, without diversifying efforts".
UPF evaluates the research carried out by its departments with a State-wide pioneering method
National and international external experts have evaluated the research developed at the University, an initiative that is supported by the Agency for Quality in the University System of Catalonia.
UPF climbs in the QS ranking of young universities
The University ranks 27 th best young university in the world and eighth in Europe.
INTERVIEW WITH Antonio Gallardo: "I think that my contribution may help to increase and improve our knowledge of the Phoenician culture"
Antonio Gallardo made a donation of 45,000 euros last October to the Laboratory of Archaeology of the Department of Humanities, directed by professor Maria Eugenia Aubet.
INTERVIEW WITH Xavier Serra: "The DTIC, called to become an international benchmark provider in knowledge extraction from large data volumes"
Directed by Xavier Binefa, it has just been granted a "Maria de Maeztu" distinction of excellence for the project carried out by Xavier Serra and Aurelio Ruiz, its respective scientific and technical directors.
The ranking of the European Union puts UPF as the young university with the best research activity
The new classification relates the institutions' research activity and their age. In its analysis, U-Multirank highlights the results of some young universities like UPF, whose research activity "is challenging" older institutions.
INTERVIEW WITH Louise McNally: "Language is only a tool, like a pencil. We can use a pencil to do a lot of things other than write"
Louise McNally is a professor of linguistics in the Department of Translation and Language Sciences at UPF and a member of the Formal Linguistics Research Group (GLIF). She coordinated the local organization of the 27th edition of the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI), held at the university in August.
'Maria de Maeztu' distinction of excellence awarded to the Department of Information and Communication Technologies
In addition, the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics renews its "Severo Ochoa" and there are now four (with the CEXS and the CRG) centres attached to UPF that receive these important distinctions awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
INTERVIEW WITH Josep Maria Palau: "The University radio is an open door for students and lecturers to express their concerns and opinions"
Josep Maria Palau is a lecturer of communication and director of UPF RÓdio, which this year launched a new website for the University radio.
Jaume Casals tackles the relationship between universities and territory at the annual summit of academic leaders organized by Times Higher Education
The rector of Pompeu Fabra University participated in a panel where he debated with prestigious experts on how to combine the international profile of a university with its ties to the local community.
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