Hipertext.net, Yearbook, issue 9, May 2011

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Web Accessibility.
    By Ramón Voces-Merayo (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)
    First we introduce the creation and execution of accessible web applications, and then continue to analyze the accessibility problems of Rich Internet Applications and the solutions that WAI-ARIA offer.
  • Proposal of strategies to develop a taxonomy of digital narrative.
    By Raquel Herrera Ferrer (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
    This exploratory article seeks to justify the development of a personal taxonomy of the "digital narrative" notion applied in the field of digital art. It analyses the research process started in 2001 through classification tables and personal and bibliographic documentation from the last decade to conclude by preparing a definition of the study's objective and its semantic field at the intersection between contemporary and aesthetic art in communications.
  • Andalusia's communication research output by subject: an analysis based on the doctoral dissertations from the Universities of Seville and Malaga.
    By Víctor Herrera-Solana (Universidad de Granada) y Luis Arboledas Márquez (Universidad de Granada)
    Doctoral dissertations constitute a scientific medium that is often not studied. This is mainly due to the fact that its dissemination is fairly limited. Despite these limitations, in this article we perform a comparative analysis by subject of dissertations written within the field of communication in the leading departments in this field in Andalusia: the Universities of Seville and Malaga.  We find some similarities in both, which can be categorised into three basic subjects.  In order to view them we have used the social network analysis technique (SNA).


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