Authors guidelines

Guidelines for authors wishing to send their papers to be reviewed and published in is a bilingual publication, published in both Spanish and English. Original manuscripts to be published must be sent in Spanish. Once the article is accepted (so that the changes suggested in the peer-review process are included), the author or authors must provide a final version in both Spanish and English. The quality of the writing will be decisive to finally accept the manuscript.

AREAS: The areas represented in are those of Documentation Science and Social Communication, and particularly multidisciplinary works combining or including both or any of those specialities.

GENRES: privileges the genres or focuses on states of the art, methodology and case studies, and particularly on articles presenting the results of competitive research projects.

LENGTH. Between 3,000 and 4,000 words (references aside)

DATES. The deadline for articles is March 3rd (2014) for the article to be considered in this year's issue, to be published in May. Before sending the article, it is advisable to contact the Managing Editor ([email protected]) of the journal sending the title, the names of the authors and a summary of the article.

PICTURES. Images (following the same numbering as the article) must be sent in separate files (to be attached through the OJS system) and must not exceed 500 pixels in width. The file containing the article must only present the consecutively numbered captions (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc) where it corresponds.

PICTURES OF THE AUTHORS: Besides the images illustrating the articles, each author or authors must provide a personal photography.

OJS HIPERTEXT.NET: All articles will be delivered through the OJS of ( Open Journal Systems. (OJS) is an open-source software for journal management created by the Public Knowledge Project

  1. Step one. Go to and choose English on the language field on the right, below the USER fields.
  2. Step two. Click on REGISTER on the top menu. Fill all the fields in the Register>Profile form (an e-mail will be sent confirming the registration process). 
  3. Step three. Fill your chosen Username and Password on the USER fields on the right to log in.
  4. Step four. Once logged into the OJS, follow the instructions to send the article. You will be asked to provide the document of the article (based on the Word or Open Office template), the images you want to include and the pictures of the authors.


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PRIVACY NOTICE. The names and e-mail addresses introduced in this yearbook will be exclusively used for the ends declared by this journal and will not be available for any other purpose or person.

TEMPLATE. The article must be delivered following this Word or Open Office template.

CONTACT. Should doubts or questions arise regarding the articles or their management through the OJS, authors can contact Managing Editor Ricard Monistrol ([email protected])

REFERENCES. References must always refer to in-text citations following the author-date system, and will be developed in the following format:

Journal articles:
Surname, N.; Surname2, N. (Year). "Article title". Journal title in italics, vol: num, pp-pp.

Paper presented in a congress and published in the proceedings:

Surname, N.; Surname2, N. (Year). "Paper title". Name of the congress in italics, pp-pp.

Surname, N.; Surname2, N. (Year). Book title in italics. City of publication: publisher.

Chapters in books:

Surname, N.; Surname2, N. (Year). "Chapter title". Surname, N.; Surname2, N. Book title in italics. City of publication: publisher, pp-pp.

Online resource:
Surname, N.; Surname2, N. Resource title. Url


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