The Humanities as seen from...

Points of view of the Humanities according to different national and International media:

· 'Cultivating the Imagination', Martha Nussbaum, The New York Times, 17/10/2010.

· La veu dels graduats, Alumni, 11/10/2010 (in catalan).

· Agnès Gallifa, Head of External Relations and Communication of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies and alumni of Humanities, explains the tasks developed by the Foundation. Alumni, 17/06/2010 (in catalan).

· UPF at the XI Exporecerca Jove.

 'El modelo de EEUU ofrece una solución al desprestigio de las humanidades - The US model provides a solution to the poor reputation of the humanities', Ángel Díaz, El Mundo, 16/12/09

· 'El mercado acude a las humanidades tras el debate sobre su cierre - The market looks to the humanities after debate as to their closure', Ángel Díaz, El Mundo, 25/03/09.

· 'In tough times, the Humanities must justify their worth', Patricia Cohen, New York Times, 24/02/2009.

· 'A new mind meld', Natalie Angier, Herald Tribune, 29/05/2008.

· 'Els nous Humanistes opinen - The new Humanists give their opinion'. Three Humanities graduates explain what their time in the academic and working world has been like and how their professional careers are progressing.