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Interview: The ageing population is the main social challenge for the coming decades?
Mar Villora is a student on the double bachelor's degree in Law and Business Management and Administration or Economics at UPF. She is co-creator of "Compiso", the project that won the idea category of the UPF Emprèn 2016.
X Conference of Jurists of Prisons: "Reflections on practical issues inherent in the penitentiary"
Day practices of the group of lawyers prisons. It will take place on Thursday 23 February from 9 to 14, the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training.
2017 ECUPL Summer School in Chinese Law
ECUPL Summer School in Chinese Law is going to be held in Changning Campus of East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai from June 17 to July 7, 2017.
Conference: Persecución de los crímenes de Derecho Internacional: aplicación de la jurisdicción universal en Europa y el papel de Naciones Unidas
Conference in the context of studies of Criminology, in charge of Jovtis Ignacio, head of the "Area of ​​Research and Policy at Amnesty International. Sección Española." The conference will be held Thursday, December 1, at 13:00 in the classroom 40002.Presentation and moderation of discussion by Professor Manuel Cienfuegos Mateo.
Student's guide. Course 2016-2017
In this guide you will find a short compilation of information, recommendations, instructions and reports on both physical and electronic sites you can contact or find information at, so as to discover more about UPF and help you integrate more easily into university life.
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