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Conference: "Los desplazamientos forzosos como amenaza a la seguridad. La posición del Consejo de Seguridad en relación con el caso del conflicto sirio"
The UPF degree in Law No. 1 according to the U-Ranking
According to  U-Ranking 2017, produced by the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), Pompeu Fabra University is the highest performing university in the Spanish State.
Criminology Conference: "Immigration, Crime and penalties"
Thursday, June 1 in 20,023 class.

UPF is the University with the highest performance in Spain, according to the ranking of the CyD Foundation
It has positioned 26 of the 33 indicators analysed in the high performance category, and shares the lead with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The good results obtained in International outreach, Research, Knowledge transfer, and Teaching and learning are highlighted.
International Seminar on European Legal and Political Studies
Classes taught in English at the University Paris 1. Registration open until June 15.
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