Team sports


Do you play any sports? Do you want to be part of UPF sports and participate in Catalan University Championships?

Choose your team sport: women's basketball, men's basketball, men's football, women's football sevens, women's indoor football, men's indoor football, women's handball, men's handball, men's rugby, women's rugby sevens, women's volleyball and men's volleyball.

Come on! Join us and defend the colors of the UPF!

IMPORTANT: according to the Catalan University Championships and Spanish University Championships regulation, in order to participate in team sports competitions you must be a student of 1st, 2nd or 3rd stage, degree or official master.


  • How can you pre-enrol to participate in Interuniversity Championships on behalf of UPF?
  • What are the criteria of the subvention of Championship participation expenditure?
  • Credit recognition

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