17/10/2019 Seminari GLIF a càrrec de Shunting Chen (Shanghai International Studies University/LLF)




Títol: "Predicting the Structure or Predicting the Reference Pattern: Inter-clausal Anaphora in Chinese Written Corpus with the Case of Conditionals" a càrrec de Shunting Chen (Shanghai International Studies University/LLF)

Dia: dijous 17 d'octubre del 2019

Hora: 12.00 h

Lloc:  Sala de reunions 52.701 - 7a planta edifici 52. Roc Boronat - Campus del Poblenou - UPF

Resum: First observed by Chao (1968), the fronting of the subject before the subordinate conjunction in Chinese appears to be a language-specific phenomenon such as: Wo suiran xiang fa cai, keshi bu gan mao xian.‘I although want to get rich, yet don’t dare to take risks.’ His explanation is that such structural variation is a result of different reference patterns. In this talk, I argue that in comprehension perspective, reference patterns are only predictable after one knows the structure.  A corpus approach is adopted with qualified sentences containing 25 conditional subordinators, randomly generated from the literature genre and the newspaper genre of the Center for Chinese Linguistics corpus (CCL). The statistical findings suggest that other things being equal, disjoint references are preferred in structure A (unfronted pattern); conjoint references are preferred in structure B (fronted pattern). The reason why structure comes first is related to the nature of topic and discourse.