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29/09/2021 Seminari del grup InfoLex, a càrrec d'Anna Malena Pichler

29/09/2021 Seminari del grup InfoLex, a càrrec d'Anna Malena Pichler

Approaching Vocabulary in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning from a Cognitive Semantics Point of View: A Framework, a càrrec d'Anna Malena Pichler, estudiant de doctorat de la Technische Universität Berlin




Data: 29 de setembre de 2021

Hora: 16.00 hores

Lloc: La sessió tindrà lloc de forma presencial a l'aula 52.119. S'ofereix igualment la possibilitat d'assistir-hi a través de videoconferència. Si us plau, envieu un missatge a [email protected] abans del dia 26/09/2021 si voleu rebre l'enllaç per accedir a la sessió. 

Resum: In this seminar a PhD project at the intersection of foreign language learning and cognitive linguistics will be presented. With the beginning of the millennial, several studies are released that make use of cognitive linguistics in foreign language teaching. Many of these studies concentrate on grammatical aspects, and fewer deal with the lexicon. However, a respective approach has not yet been broadly applied to vocabulary teaching within foreign language teaching. Many studies in this area have proven that a Cognitive Linguistics approach can be effective but there seems to be a lack of theoretical foundation that leads to an effective application in practice. The presented project starts at this intersection and aims to develop a didactic model that brings together theories of cognitive semantics and didactic principles in order to account for a comprehensive approach to vocabulary teaching. In doing so, respective theories of Cognitive Semantics will be examined regarding their possible applicability for language teaching. Furthermore, current methods and research regarding vocabulary teaching will be examined in order to explore possible connection points.