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Book on Hybrid Learning Environments



New book on Hybrid Learning Spaces, with the participation of @TIDE_UPF @UPFBarcelona, chapter on Socio-Emotional Regulation in Collaborative Hybrid Learning Spaces of Formal–Informal Learning 


Velamazan, M., Santos, P., and Hernández-Leo, D., (2022) Socio-emotional Regulation in Collaborative Hybrid Learning Spaces of Formal–Informal Learning. In: Dimitriadis, Y., Gil, E., Mor, Y., Koppe, C., Hybrid Learning Spaces, Undrestanding teaching-learning practices, Springer, 95-111. 10.1007/978-3-030-88520-5, 95-111.


It has been suggested that a group’s regulation in hybrid learning contexts is correlated to their social and emotional interactions. How these socio-emotional interactions influence collaboration has primarily been studied in formal learning contexts. However, the influence of these factors is potentially more challenging in outside-of-school activities, which may happen synchronously or asynchronously and without teacher supervision. The chapter explores the role of emotions in co-regulation and socially shared regulation during collaboration in hybrid contexts that mix formal and informal learning. This chapter provides an overview of the literature and the research tools related to socio-emotional regulation in computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) and problematizes the need for a better understanding of how socio-emotional factors unfold and operate in hybrid contexts where formal and informal learning are mixed. This problematization is illustrated with examples observed during a well-established physically sited (math) gymkhana (In our context, a gymkhana is an outdoor game where (15-year-old) students must use clues and riddles to find and solve (math) problems that are located throughout the streets of one of the city’s neighbourhoods). The discussion opens the question to further investigate and design how to support students in improving their socio-emotional regulatory skills through CSCL for hybrid learning contexts.



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