New DemoSoc seminar by Emmanuel Letouzé

New DemoSoc seminar by Emmanuel Letouzé



A new DemoSoc seminar will be presented by Prof. Emmanuel Letouzé, Marie Curie Fellow at DemoSoc Unit (UPF).

Bringing Data to the Fight Against Violence in Latin America: Measuring and Analyzing the Patterns, Drivers and Effects of Homicides and Gender-Based Violence in Colombia and Mexico Using New Data Sources and Approaches




20.183 (Jaume I building)



By most available metrics, Latin America is the most crime-prone and violent region in the world, with record homicide rates in some cities and countries and pervasive gender-based violence (GBV, including Intimate Partner Violence—IPV— and Domestic violence—DV). Homicides and various forms of GBV are thought or feared to be on an upward trend in the wake of COVID-19, although official statistics and records may not give the full picture because of underreporting and / or non-disclosure. Despite significant research, the understanding of their drivers and effects is also limited; in particular because it does not yet fully leverage the insights that new data sources such as digital mobility data, financial data, and/or social media data may yield in conjunction with improved official statistics. The research project supported by the European Commission through a Marie Curie Individual grant will seek to improve the measurement and understanding of the patterns, drivers and effects of homicides and GBV in Latin America using traditional and new data sources, with the ultimate goal of helping reduce these phenomenons to contribute to safer and fairer future societies. The project will focus on a few major cities in the region among Mexico City, Bogota, Medellin, Cali (and possibly Sao Paulo) and be conducted in close collaboration with national and sub-national stakeholders such as Police departments, National Statistical Offices, City governments, relevant Civil Society Organizations, and academic partners to reinforce local relevance and impact.