Atrás Lancelotti, Carla (2)


Departament d'Humanitats
Culture and Socio-Ecological Dynamics - CaSEs research group

B.A. in Archaeology (Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna), MSc in Archaeological Sciences (Università Statale di Milano,) and PhD in Archaeobotany (University of Cambridge).  I am an archaeobotanist and quantitative archaeologist specialised in long-term human ecology of drylands. I combine methods from plant sciences, ethnography and archaeology with statistical analyses, modelling and simulation to study human-environment interactions, especially plant-related activities. I conducted research in South Asia, Europe, Near East, Africa and South America, covering a chronology that span from Early Neolithic to historic periods, with a special focus on South Asian Bronze Age. I have extensive laboratory practice and fieldwork experience (organization and supervision). I am invited lecturer for the Master in World HIstory at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Environmental Humanities) and the Master in Advanced Studies in Archaeology at Universidad de Barcelona (Ethnoarchaeology and Experimental Archaeology).

I am currently a member of the Institutional Commission for Ethical Review of Project (CIREP) and the scientific taskforce for the Planetary Wellbeing Initiative at UPF.