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Simposio (por invitación) Language Policies in Spain: Multidisciplinary/Critical Approaches

Simposio (por invitación) Language Policies in Spain: Multidisciplinary/Critical Approaches

Organizado y esponsorizado por: Departament d'Humanitats & GREILI de l'Universitat Pompeu Fabra y University of Calgary
Comité organizador: Mireia Trenchs (UPF), Thomas Ricento (University of Calgary) y F. Xavier Vila (Universitat de Barcelona).
13-14 Noviembre 2017, Sala 20.233



The purpose of this Symposium is to provide a forum for scholars to engage in interactive discussions on important topics in language policy in the Iberian Peninsula. A group of distinguished scholars/researchers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds have been invited to prepare original papers on topics relevant to their research interests and that deal, in some way or another, with some aspect of policies that involve language. The papers presented have dealt with such topics as the role and effects of formal and/or informal language policies and practices in education (at several levels), the sociolinguistics of language and globalization with regard to the status and role of languages in Spain/Iberia, including the role(s) of English in various sectors of society and social life, the status of minority/minoritized languages (and minoritized can be conceptualized in various ways) throughout Spain/Iberia, and the existence, role, status, and effects of language policies (official or non-official) on the status of these languages, historically or contemporaneously, the nature and role of constitutional, statutory, and judicial provisions and decrees on languages in Spain, and how those provisions and decrees are understood, taken up (or not), and applied in various domains, such as education, the judicial courts, the workplace, immigration policy, political discourse and policies, integration processes, etc., language policy and social mobility in Spain, Europe, and elsewhere, which can include critiques of/responses to globalization, neoliberalism, lingua franca, etc., and language policies and the integration of immigrants/migrants in Spanish society

The participants have been the following: 

Thomas Ricento, co-organizer (University of Calgary, Canada)

Mireia Trenchs Parera, co-organizer (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Grup de Recerca en Espais Interculturals, Llengües i Identitats, GREILI)

F. Xavier Vila i Moreno, co-organizer (Universitat de Barcelona)

Carla Amoros-Negre (Universidad de Salamanca)

Miren Karmele Azkarate (University of the Basque Country)

David Block (ICREA/ Universitat de Lleida)

Emili boix (Universitat de Barcelona)

Jorge Cagiao Conde (Universite Francois Rabelais de Tours)

Joan Costa (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Eva Pons Parera (Universitat de Barcelona)

Luisa Martin Rojo (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)