Tesis defence: Francesco Barbieri

Tesis defence: Francesco Barbieri



Machine Learning Methods for Understanding Social Media Communication: Modeling Irony and Emojis​

By Francesco Barbieri

Thesis supervisor: Dr. Horacio Saggion


Thesis Brief Description

In my thesis I proposed algorithms for the analysis of social media texts, focusing on two particular aspects: irony and emojis. We proposed novel automatic systems, based on machine learning methods, able to recognize and interpret these two phenomena. 

Experience as a PhD Student
My experience as a phd student is very positive. I had the opportunity to learn a lot during these years. I collaborated with other phd students and postdoc in my research group, and I also attended several conferences and met many researchers from my field. I will always be grateful to my supervisor Horacio Saggion for giving me this opportunity, and advising me wisely in every stage of my phd.