The Postgraduate and Doctorate Academic Committee (CAPiD) is the collective department body responsible for defining, updating and assuring the quality and coordination of the doctoral program, as well as the progress of the research and training of each doctoral student. Its duties and internal organization are regulated by the UPF Doctoral School Regulations (resolution of the Board of Governors of 13 July 2011, amended by resolution of the Board of Governors of 20 March 2013).

This Committee has a monthly meeting and some of its most important duties include:

  • Appointing or changing each doctoral student’s thesis supervisor.
  • Authorizing or withdrawing authorization for joint supervision of a thesis.
  • Authorizing doctoral students’ research stay periods abroad.
  • Grant or deny Travel Grant for conferences attendance.
  • Authorizing part-time doctoral studies.
  • Authorizing extensions of the deadline for submitting a thesis.
  • Approving temporary leaves for doctoral students.
  • Annually assessing each student’s activities document and the thesis supervisor report.
  • Authorizing the submission of doctoral student’s thesis.
  • Authorizing the thesis committee proposals.


Committee members:

·         President: Dr. Boris Bellalta

·         Secretary: Dr. Gemma Piella

·         Member: Dr. Xavier Serra

·         Member: Dr. Vicenç Gómez

·         Member: Dr. Martí Sánchez Fibla

·         Member: Dr. Salvador Soto

·         Member: Dr. Coloma Ballester


The documentation to be included in the agenda of the meetings should be submitted at the secretariat's office at least one week before the date of the meeting. 

Calendar of meetings – academic year 2019-20

  • September, 26
  • October, 24
  • November, 21
  • December, 12
  • January, 16
  • February, 13
  • March, 12
  • April, 16
  • May, 14
  • June, 11
  • July, 16
  • September, 17