PhD in Economics, Finance and Management

After completing their degrees, alumni pursue diverse careers all over the world. Alumni have obtained select positions in industries such as banking and financial institutions, international organisations, consultancies, research institutions, and the public sector. See our list of alumni.

A growing, global network of talented professionals and academics, our recently graduated PhD alumni benefit from the high-quality education and prestige of the GPEFM programme.

Having demonstrated extraordinary talent and enthusiasm in their field, the candidates are all well prepared for rigorous hiring and selection processes.


Placement Officer: Prof. Libertad González


Artiles, Miriam


Job Market Paper:

Within Group-Heterogeneity in a Multi-Ethnic Society


Research Fields: Development Economics and Political Economy.
Advisors: Prof. Marta Reynal-Querol and Prof. Luigi Pascali

Djourelova, Milena


Job Market Paper:

Media Persuasion through Slanted Language: Evidence from the Coverage of Immigration


Research Fields:

Primary: Applied Economics and Political Economy
Secondary: Media Economics and Development Economics

Advisor: Prof. Ruben Durante

Ellingsen, Sebastian


Job Market Paper:

Free and Protected: Trade and Breaks in Long-Term Persistence

Research Fields:

Economic Geography, Political Economy and Applied Economics.

Advisor: Prof. Maria Petrova and Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto

Fabiani, Andrea


Job Market Paper:

"Monetary Policy and Corporate Debt Maturity" ( with Luigi Falasconi and Janko Heineken)

Research Fields: Primary: Banking, International Finance and Monetary Policy.
Secondary: Corporate Finance and Political Economy of Finance
Advisor: Prof. José Luis Peydró and Prof. Fernando Broner

Goraya, Sampreet


Job Market Paper:

“The Rise of Intangible Capital and the Macroeconomic Implications” (with A. Chiavari)

Research Fields:

Primary: Macroeconomics.
Secondary: Development Economics

Advisor: Prof. Julian di Giovanni and Prof. Manuel García-Santana

Hoesch, Lukas


Job Market Paper:

Specification Tests Robust to Multiple Instabilities

Research Fields: Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics, Forecasting, Macroeconometrics, Empirical Macroeconomics, Empirical Finance.
Advisor: Prof. Barbara Rossi

Imbet, Juan


Job Market Paper:

Stroke of a Pen: Investment and Stock Returns under Energy Policy Uncertainty

Research Fields:

Primary: Financial Economics, Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance
Secondary: Information Disclosure and Computational Finance

Advisor: Prof. Javier Gil-Bazo

Janezic, Katharina


Job Market Paper:

Heterogeneity in Lies and Lying Preferences

Research Fields: Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics.
Advisors: Prof. Jose Apesteguia and Prof. Larbi Alaoui

Kantorovitch, Ilja


Job Market Paper:

Exuberant and Uninformed: How Financial Markets (Mis-)Allocate Capital during Booms

Research Fields: Macroeconomics, Finance and Information Economics.
Advisors: Prof. Vladimir Asriyan and Prof. Alberto Martin

Souza, André B. M.


Job Market Paper:

Composite Absolute Value and Sign Forecasts

Research Fields: Econometrics, Forecasting, Financial Econometrics and Empirical Finance.
Advisors: Prof. Christian Brownlees

Xavier, Ines


Job Market Paper:

“Wealth Inequality in the US: the role of Heterogeneous Returns”

Research Fields:

Primary: Macroeconomics and Financial Economics.
Secondary: Inequality and Household Finance.

Advisors: Prof. Fernando Broner and Prof. Alberto Martin