11/12/20: TRANSGANG Training Seminar “Comparative perspectives I: Youth street groups in the Maghreb"

11/12/20: TRANSGANG Training Seminar “Comparative perspectives I: Youth street groups in the Maghreb"



 December 11, 2020

 4.00 - 6.00 pm


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This seminar will present theoretical and methodological issues that established the guidelines for research in the Maghreb. In the first place, the regional ethnographic coordinator Jose Sánchez-García will present shared issues in the region to lay the foundations for regional comparison of later phases of research. Sihem Najjar, coordinator of the research group in Tunisia, will talk about the forms that mediation takes in the region to combat youth violence. Kamel Bourcher, responsible for TRANSGANG research in Algeria, will treat the creation of border spaces in Algeria as a way for young people to seek political participation and escape from marginalization. Finally, Rachid Touhtou, TRANSGANG researcher in Morocco, will present how youth street groups in the region can be understood as a way of political resistance and daily resilience in order to face the economic, political and cultural precariousness they suffer.


Structure of the seminar:

1. JOSE SANCHEZ-GARCIA: Researching YSG in the Magrib

2. SIHEM NAJJAR: La violence des jeunes et la médiation .

3. KAMEL BOURCHERF: Border Spaces and youth: the houma and the hittistes.

4. RACHID TOUHTOU: Youth Street Groups, resistance and resilience



José Sánchez-García

José Sánchez García (Barcelona, 1965) is a senior researcher in the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology, with a thesis based on the study of youth cultures in the city of Cairo. His field experience was to analyze the processes of Young identity construction in the Arab world from the case study of four neighbourhoods of Cairo applying intersectional perspectives. He has researched the relationship between piety and music in Pakistanis collectives in Barcelona; gendered identities in Gulf countries; youth political movements after 2011 in Spain and Egypt; and youth de-marginalization strategies in Egypt. He was Ethnographic Coordinator of SAHWA project (

Sihem Najar

Sihem NAJAR is a socio-anthropologist, Professor at the ISSHT - University of Tunis El Manar where she coordinated the Degree of Social and Cultural Anthropology and chaired the Master "Social Change and Strategies of development ". She is also a Research Associate with CAWTAR and IRMC. Her work deals with identity negotiations in a changing social environment (using ICTs, gender relations, youth practices, daily interactions ...). She led a research project at the ONJ with the support of IDRC on "Youth, Legitimacy and Social Recognition in Socio-political Transformation Processes in Tunisia" (2014-2018).

Kamal Boucherf:

Pr. Boucherf Kamal ia a  lecturer sociologist and associate researcher at the research center in applied economics (CREAD). After completing a Degree in Industrial Sociology in 1977 at the Department of Sociology at the University of Algiers and receiving a scholarship from the Algerian state, he undertook a first post-graduation (master degree) at the University of Aberystwyth in the United Kingdom. He completed his PhD in 2008 at the University of Algiers 2 on “Sociological approach to the phenomenon of child labor in Algeria”.

Rachid Touhtou

Rachid Touhtou, Associate Professor, affiliated to the Social Sxiences Department, the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics, Rabat, Morocco. His main research interests are: social movementsand dissidence, gender, migration and youth.