This document considers both the UPF's Ethic Code1 and UPF Engineering School's position on plagiarism and copying. It contains some guidelines for the faculty in case plagiarism is detected. The UPF Engineering School does not tolerate plagiarism, copying or active or passive collaboration in this kind of fraudulent practices; in assignments, tests or any kind of deliverable.

If as a professor or teaching assistant you find yourself in a situation involving copying or have clear suspicion of copying, you should apply the following protocol. In these cases, an external instructor or committee will evaluate the situation and decide punitive measures deemed appropriate according to the UPF disciplinary code, which is available and known by students2.

This protocol starts when a professor or teaching assistant detects a case of copying or has clear suspicions of copying. Automatically, the professor or assistant should collect evidence of the copying and inform the School Direction. It is the School Direction that will manage the case, including the appointment of the instructor or committee that will study the case.


1The UPF Ethic Code is available here:

2This information/documentation is available for students both on the UPF website and in the academic videos about the ethic code, which are linked on the USQUID webpage. These videos have subtitles and transcriptions in Catalan, Spanish and English to facilitate their understanding. All these videos are available here: