Back What has the Innovation and Teaching Quality Team (USQUID) done during 2020?

What has the Innovation and Teaching Quality Team (USQUID) done during 2020?



The Innovation and Teaching Quality Team at the UCA EiTIC is pleased to share with you, as is our wont every year, a summary of the most relevant actions and activities carried out throughout 2020. As you know, our work focuses on improving the teaching quality in our School, as well as on promoting and supporting innovative actions undertaken both by teachers and the Innovation and Quality Teaching Team itself. The Team also takes part in the drafting of reports and documents within the frame of the monitoring, verification and accreditation processes of the degrees at our School (undergraduate degrees, masters and doctorate). General public information about these processes can be found on the Quality web of the School. For the UCA’s specific information, please visit the “Data and Indicators” section on our website, where we are continually publishing updated data and reports.

Together with the other Innovation and Quality Teaching Teams, the CLIK, and the UPF CRAIs (Xarxa d’Innovació), our team continues coordinating the HackLab-UPF. Once again, the main goal is to ensure the active participation of students from all degrees and UPF campuses, as well as to boost the participation of other associations and companies that can bring opportunities and challenges to the group of students already working in this space.

During 2020, our team took an active part in three different innovation and teaching quality projects within PlaCLIK 2019-2020, dealing with different topics, such as the use of data analytics for the technology-aided assessment of learning activities, tracking the influence that an English learning environment has on the students’ performance or the development of new educative environments to improve current learning methodologies. Additionally, the unity has focused on the development of an efficient hybrid post-pandemic education model, trying to improve and develop better ways to approach distance teaching. For further information on our Team’s projects, please visit the “Projects” section on our website (

Regarding publications, we will attend the CIDUI 2021, where we will present a study with the qualitative results of the PlaCLIK project related to the use of physical and digital spaces as learning spaces, considering both ICT Degrees and Master programs. Please find all the publications by the Unity under the section “Publications” on our website.

During the 2020 and due to the pandemic scenario, some planned activities have been modified, either being cancelled or transformed into online events. As a summary of these activities, we can highlight the following ones:

  • Fulfilment, as Innovation and Quality Teaching Team, of an active role over the teaching quality of the different activities that were carried out by the EiTIC. Different activities and approaches were performed throughout 2020, such as the creation of distance teaching support resources for students during the pandemic, the coordination of virtual conferences and seminars to share teaching experience or a mailing list to share good teaching methodologies. All these newly generated resources can be found in the specific section for teaching support that we present here. A specific section for students can be found here and another specific section for teachers can be found here as well.
  • Some crosswise studies on the undergraduate and master levels have been conducted. Some summaries can be found either on our website (“News” section) or in the specific section of “Data and Indicators”, where the most relevant found data are attached.

During this last academic year, our team has elaborated a wide variety of reports, descriptive studies and statistics that allow understanding the situation of the EiTIC better in order to propose different actions and approaches for the teaching quality improvement. From the different analysis and studies of the data obtained, new questions and aspects have emerged to be considered in the future.

Finally, we kindly remind you that resources for teachers and resources for students are available on the website. Both of them are regularly updated. Please feel free to contact us via our email: [email protected]



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