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What has the Innovation Area done during 2022?



One more year, the Innovation Area of the Engineering School and ICT Department publishes a summary of our most relevant activities, studies and actions carried out during the last year, 2022.

As you know, the Innovation Area works on conducting studies and improving the teaching quality in our School through a range of initiatives, as well as on promoting innovative actions undertaken by teachers or proposed by the Direction of the School or ourselves. Moreover, we conduct analyses and publish reports on the monitoring, verification and accreditation processes of the degrees at our School, at all levels: undergraduate degrees, masters and doctorates. All this information can be found on the web of the UCA, section Quality ( For information published by the Innovation Area, please visit our website, section Data and Indicators.

In 2022, the Innovation Area led different studies, among them, an analysis of gender perspective in engineering degrees in the UPF. We also conducted an in-depth analysis of data and information about online and hybrid learning scenarios and presented its results at the Jornadas sobre la Enseñanza Universitaria de la Informática (

In addition, we published reports on ICT graduates and Biomedical Engineering, as well as on employment by analysing the data obtained from both the administration office of the School and LinkedIn. Similarly, we analysed the performance of TFGs and the global satisfaction among masters and doctorate alumni.

We kindly remind you that summaries of all these projects, studies and analyses are available on our website. There you can also find resources for teachers ( and students (, which are regularly updated. In the section Data and Indicators, you can find summaries of the studies. You can access the corresponding full texts on the Intranet.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]



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