What has the USQUID done during 2019?

What has the USQUID done during 2019?



The USQUID at the EiTIC is pleased to share with you, as is our wont every year, a summary of the most relevant actions and activities carried out throughout 2019. As you know, our work focuses on improving the teaching quality in our centre, as well as on promoting and supporting innovative actions undertaken both by teachers and the USQUID itself. The Unity also takes part in the drafting of reports and documents within the frame of the monitoring, verification and accreditation processes of the degrees at our centre (undergraduate degrees, masters and doctorate). General public information about these processes can be found on the Quality web of the centre. For the USQUID specific information, please visit the “Data and Indicators” section on our website, where we are continually publishing updated data and reports.

Together with the other USQUIDs, the CLIK, and the UPF’s CRAIs, the USQUID at the EiTIC still coordinates the HackLab-UPF. Once again this year, we have put out a call for ideas; even though there remain some days until the deadline for sending transversal and interdisciplinary ideas and projects going beyond the syllabus, we are very satisfied with the proposals received so far. Please let us take this opportunity to share with you the video summary from the Third HackLab Day.

During 2019, the USQUID took part actively in three projects of innovation and teaching quality dealing with different topics, such as the use of data analytics for the technology-aided assessment of learning activities, the role of spaces as learning facilitators or the study and analysis of class attendance and absenteeism among undergraduate students at the UPF, focusing on the causes and proposals for improvement. For further information on the USQUID projects, please visit the “Projects” section on our website (

Regarding publications, we will attend the CIDUI 2020, where we will present a study with the qualitative results of the PlaCLIK project related to the use of physical and digital spaces as learning spaces. For its part, the ACUP selected the paper “Projectes professionalitzadors com a metodologia d’apoderament de l’alumnat: l’experiència al grau d’Enginyeria Biomèdica” as an example of good practice in the field of methodologies focused on the students. Please click here to read the related piece of news and all the publications by the Unity under the section “Publications” on our website.

March 18th, 2019, as we did in previous editions (please click here to consult the corresponding programmes and summaries), the USQUID conducted the VI Symposium on Teaching Innovation and Quality at ESUP-DTIC. Presentations were held on the results of a study conducted at the USQUID on blended learning in the degrees’ teaching at the centre and the results concerning performance in TFGs (final undergraduate dissertations), among other topics. The attendees also shared their concerns on other issues, such as the assessment systems in the subjects, and methods and tools to facilitate learning. Please click here to see the full summary of the Symposium.

Finally, we kindly remind you that resources for teachers and resources for students are available on the USQUID web. Both of them are regularly updated. Please feel free to contact us via our email: [email protected].





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