Graduate class in Biomedical Engineering (2014-2018)

Graduate class in Biomedical Engineering (2014-2018)



As was the case in previous years, the Teaching Quality and Innovation Support Unit at the UPF School of Engineering has conducted a study on the graduates in the Bachelors’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (2014-2018).

This year, the participation rate in the study has been 25% (7 out of 28 graduates). Regarding the students’ profile, their gender distribution was 71,4% of women (5) and 28,6% of men (2); their average age was 22,7. 71,4% of the students (5) were not working when they filled in the questionnaire, while 28,6% of the students (2) were working.

Concerning the participants’ rating of their degree of competences development, they highlight the following ones (averagely rated 5/5): “the decision-making skills”, “the ability to communicate properly in oral and written Catalan and Spanish before expert and non-expert audiences”, and “the ability to communicate in oral and written English in academic or professional contexts, before expert and non-expert audiences.”

Regarding their level of satisfaction with academic and organization aspects, they highlighted: “I feel that my command of English is better now than at the beginning of my degree” and “The TFG (final year dissertation) allowed me to develop competencies in an integrated way”. The average rate was 5/5 in both cases. Lecture times and the formative and academic management of Erasmus were the aspects rated lowest, even though the average rate was no lower than 3/5.

Concerning their formation, some strong points that the students highlighted were multidisciplinarity and problem-solving. Among the weakest points, they stressed that contents in the biomedical field should be more specific.

Finally, concerning professional prospects, 71,42% of the respondents imagined themselves working in a private company within two years.





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