Back March 18th: VI Morning Symposium at UCA EiTIC

March 18th: VI Morning Symposium at UCA EiTIC



The VI Morning Symposium at UCA EiTIC will take place on March 18th. Find below the agenda:

VI Morning Gathering on Teaching Innovation & Quality



Campus Comunicació-Poblenou, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

18th March 2019



This Morning Gathering aims to provide an informal space to discuss aspects around teaching innovation/quality and share teaching experiences and innovation actions at our UCA ETIC.

Note: Language will vary depending on speakers.

Note: Please note, we consider this workshop very relevant for the collective reflection about teaching in our community. Moreover, attendance certificates will be issued.

Summaries of last years’ symposium are available online (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014)



10:00 Welcome

Breakfast, coffee and more

Opening, Sergi Jordà, Enric Peig, Davinia Hernández-Leo


10:15 Session 1 “Teaching quality & innovation at our UCA”

Davinia Hernández-Leo & Verónica Moreno

      Overview of USQUID studies

      Study regarding the current situation of blended learning in our courses

      Some data about our TFGs

      Students with special needs (NEE)


10:45 Session 2 “Sharing observations and issues in our teaching”

All participants


11:30 Session 3 “Performance and Assessment in our courses”

Alfonso Martínez

      Some data about undergraduate students’ performance in our courses



12:00 Session 4 “Actions in courses: methods and tools to facilitate teaching & learning”

Luís Morís, Adrián Martín, Vanesa Daza et al

      Mateescape as an innovation action, and Slack for teaching coordination in Álgebra

Josep Font

      Our Experience with Continuous Assessment in Digital Data Transmission


12:40 - 13:00 Session 5 “Final discussion and Wrap-Up”

Final open discussion and closing remarks, moderated by Davinia Hernández-Leo



SDG - Sustainable Development Goals:

Els ODS a la UPF