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  • Head of Service: Gemma Garcia Giménez

Postal address

Universitat Pompeu Fabra 
Roger de Llúria building (Ciutadella campus) 
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 
08005 Barcelona


Telephone: (34) 93 542 21 11
Fax : (34) 93 542 21 31
E-mail : [email protected]
Website :


The University Community Assistance Service (SACU) is organized in the following functional areas:

  • Administrative and Resources Management
  • Participation
  • Inclusion and Volunteer Programmes
  • Culture and Sport

1. The Administrative and Resources Management area is responsible for managing the service's budget; creating and maintaining information resources; coordinating the supply of accommodation in university residences, and promoting and managing the provision of services to the university community under advantageous conditions.

2.The Participation area is responsible for supporting and promoting students' participation in the various governing and representative bodies and in the elections for delegates in various teaching centres; supporting the UPF Student Council, registered student associations and stable groups at the University, and collaborating with and encouraging the participation activities they organize; coordinating and managing participation areas, and planning and managing extracurricular academic activities at UPF.

3. The Inclusion and Volunteer Programmes area is responsible for managing care for students with special needs and ensuring that they have equal opportunities; providing them with full mobility and autonomy when using facilities and participation; management of the Psychological Counselling Service; planning, managing, and promoting activities aimed at UPF students to ensuring education in values in the areas of solidarity, global justice and social inclusion, coordinated with the units formulating the University's strategy for social responsibility.

4. The Culture and Sports area is responsible for planning, organizing and promoting cultural activities that enrich the university community, and the students in particular; administering theatrical and musical activities; planning, organizing and promoting sports activities to ensure the physical and educational development of the university community, and especially its students; administering sports training and competition, as well as the Programme of High Level Athletes, and coordinating and administering sports activities.