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  • Commissioner for Language Policy: Marcel Mauri de los Rios

Postal address

Universitat Pompeu Fabra 
Edifici Mercè
Carrer de la Mercè 12 
08002 Barcelona


Phone number: 93 542 20 00
E-Mail: [email protected]


The commissioner for Language Policy shall, under the guidance of the rector, coordinate and oversee the following matters:

  • Define the linguistic criteria for general use at the University
  • Establish the use of the Catalan language in a multilingual environment
  • Advise on the design and implementation of the policy on language use at UPF
  • Define language training for PDI, PAS and students
  • Monitor and promote actions related to Catalan culture, tradition and other socio-cultural aspects


Marcel MauriMarcel Mauri de los Rios is an associate professor with the Department of Communication and a member of the Research Group on Political Communication, Journalism and Democracy (POLCOM-GRP). He holds degrees in Journalism (UPF, 2001) and History (UAB, 2006). He did his postgraduate studies at UPF, where he received his doctorate in 2010. He did research stays at the Sorbonne University (Paris, 2007) and at the University of Columbia (New York, 2010-2011). He has held various management positions both in the Faculty of Communication, where he has been teaching coordinator and is currently director of the bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and in the Rector’s office, where he has been rector’s delegate for Students (2013-2014). He has also been a consultant in journalistic ethics at the Open University of Catalonia.

His lines of research focus on the history of journalism and journalistic deontology, both areas that have also defined his activity as a teacher. In the last fifteen years, he has participated continuously as a researcher in multiple competitive projects at state-wide and European level. He has been the principal investigator of several projects. He is currently joint IP of the project “FACCTMedia, media accountability instruments against disinformation”, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. He is the author of numerous articles in impact journals and of books and other publications. He has also participated in and promoted knowledge transfer actions, especially in the field of the media.

He was appointed by the rector on 6 March 2023.