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04/04/19 Seminari GLiF a càrrec de Bridget Copley (CNRS/Université Paris 8)

04/04/19 Seminari GLiF a càrrec de Bridget Copley (CNRS/Université Paris 8)



El GLiF (Grup de Lingüística Formal) us convida a assistir al seminari següent:  


Títol: "Aspectual meaning at the grammatical-conceptual interface" a càrrec de Bridget Copley (CNRS/Université Paris 8)

Data: dijous 4 de abril del 2019

Hora: 12.00 h

Lloc:  Sala de reunions 52.701 - 7a planta edifici 52. Roc Boronat - Campus del Poblenou - UPF

Resum. Aspectual meanings can be characterized in grammar by using complex manipulations that make reference to simple concepts, or less commonly, by using simpler manipulations that make reference to more complex concepts. We argue in this paper that to give a unitary analysis for the Haitian Creole aspectual particle ap, an approach of the latter kind is necessary. Ap sometimes contributes progressive meaning and sometimes contributes near/definite/certain future meaning. 
Both the denotation of ap and the denotation of eventive predicates in Haitian Creole, we argue, involve simple operations that identify the location of a situation in a sequence of situations (so, more like a tense but in a sequence of situations). Thus, what we would normally think of as the aspectual meaning (the details of the progressive, generic/habitual readings, and the nearness/definiteness/certainty of the future reading) must necessarily come only from the interpretation at the conceptual level, and is crucially invisible to the grammar. This result prompts a rethinking of the division of labor between language (grammar) and thought (concepts).


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