Official Transcript: Application


  • Students who have a UPF card with digital certification or an electronic DNI can apply for the academic certificate through the UPF Virtual Secretariat.

  • Students can also go to the Student Information Desk or by e-mail to the Postgraduate and Doctoral Office ([email protected]).

  • Language of the certificate. The language of the certificate must be specified: Catalan, Spanish or English.


Throughout the academic year.


The fee for the 2023-2024 academic year is 27,27€


Within seven days.


Pompeu Fabra University

Other certifications


Students can apply for a certification of circumstances not included in their Personal Academic Transcript (CAP)

  • Aplication (in person): application by means of this form, of which two copies duly filled up must be submitted to the Student Information Desk (PIE). The payment will be made by credit card at the same PIE when submitting the application.
  • Application online: In this case, the  payment could be done by depositing the certificate fee directly in the account number ES74 0049 1806 99 2412053335 (Banco Santander Central Hispano). You must attach the voucher of the deposit and the form duly completed and signed.


15 €

No discounts are available for this amount.


The student may pick up the certificate at the Student Information Desk within 7 days. You can also receive the certificate by postal mail. In this case you will also have to pay for the posting fee, which is 5 euros within Spain and 6 euros abroad.


Throughout the academic year


Head of Secretariat


You must specify whether you want the certificate in Catalan, Spanish or English