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SCC Forum is a group from Google Groups where you can answer, look or ask for information related with Marvin and the SCC department. It works quite like any other forum; You can post questions and they will be answered by other users or SCC members. You can also look for existing posts. Maybe someone before you has had the same issue, so don’t forget to check if any other user has the solution to your question before you post it. In SCC Forum there are also several tutorials, documentation and good practices to follow. You can find them on the learning software section.

As it is part of Google Groups, you are also able to check and answer posts from your email. You can choose whether receiving a notification for every post it is done, a daily summary or once a number of posts.

In general, all Marvin users have access to the forum. However, if you don’t have access, please send an email to [email protected] and we will try to solve it.

First of all, you need to enter to the SIT Forum web page.

(1) Once there, you will see all the current sections.

(2) If you think that the problem that you are looking for is not in any of these sections or you don't know in which one it is, you can always use the search tab in order to get there faster.

(3) In the case that your problem is not part of the SIT Forum, you can create a new post addressing your doubts by clicking on the new post button.






In order to create a post, you need to click on the new post button, as mentioned previously in the "How to use it" section. This will take you to an email writing like page. Here is where you have to write your whole doubt. Using editor’s toolbar (4) allows you to give format to your post. It is a good practice taking a bit of time adjusting and revising your text in order to make it more clear. The easier it can be read, the better will understand your problem the reader. You can also add some code or images to illustrate your problem.

After finishing your text you need to give it a nice title (5). Try to be very clear and concise. This will help, not only those who will try to answer you, but also anyone who may have the same doubt as you in the future.

Last but not least, you can add some categories to your post (6). It’s not mandatory, of course, but will ease the organization of the forum and future searches of your question.

Now you are ready to share your doubt with our community. You only need to click on the submit button (7).



If you are not likely to check Google Groups you can also answer or keep track of any post via Gmail. Every time anything is posted you will get a message from where you can read or directly respond to the relative post. You can also configure this setting to change the frequency Google Groups messages you. You can choose between several options:


  • Receive a notification every time a post is updated
  • Receive a daily summary of all the updates
  • Receive a notification every 25 updates
  • Don't receive notifications​​​


In order to change this option, you need to go to your groups' section and change the option in the box (8). From this point, you can also unsubscribe from SIT Forums (9).