This service is configured with Proxmox Virtual Environment 5.3 (Proxmox VE) which provides virtualization software available for X86-compatible computers and it can run on Windows, Linux, and the Mac OS X platform running on Intel processors. Proxmox VE is a system virtualization software. A virtual system is a software program that simulates a physical (computer hardware) system with specific hardware characteristics. When the program (simulator) is executed, provides an environment similar in all respects to a physical computer (except pure physical  access to the simulated hardware), with CPU (can be more than one), BIOS, graphics card implementation, RAM, network card, sound system, USB, hard disk (may be more than one), etc.

The infrastructure of the virtualization environment of Proxmox VE is based on four hosts, adding to its resources we obtain 224 CPUs, 2TB of memory and 140TB of storage.

A virtualized software lets you run (simulate) multiple computers (operating systems) within the same hardware simultaneously, thus allowing better use of resources. But to be an intermediate layer between the physical system and the operating system running on the emulated hardware, the execution speed of the latter is lower, but in most cases enough for use in production environments.