The GPFS (General Parallel File System) Disk Space is a high-speed file managing system connected to the Cluster system which allows for parallel access to data to the Clusters, permitting a much more fluid access to the data needed by the various computations that are being done by the Clusters.

The file system is divided into two separate partitions, the Scratch, and the Projects.

  • The Projects partition handles data space for various computation processes that are demanded by the users of the clusters, starting at a capacity of 233TB this partition can be further expanded to accommodate up to a 1PB of Disk Space for various research purposes.
  • The Scratch partition with a Disk Space of 434TB is used to handle temporary data for the Project Partition. Both partitions run on Infiniband at 40Gbps.
  • There is a third Home Partition which exists to manage the other two amongst other activities.