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14/06/24 - Occupation, Apartheid, and Genocide


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Occupation, Apartheid, and Genocide: How the (im)mobility of people, ideas, and arms implicates us in the ongoing Nakba

A conversation between Ahmed Alnaouq and Cristina Mas in the Mercè Rodoreda Auditorium this Friday, 14 June, at 12:00h.

Ahmed Alnaouq is a London-based Palestinian journalist whose personal experiences of life and loss growing up in Gaza drove him to help tell the real stories behind the statistics. Ahmed is the co-founder of We Are Not Numbers, works with the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, and hosts a podcast at Palestine Deep Dive. Cristina Mas is a world reporter at the Ara newspaper covering the Mediterranean region.

Hosted by the UPF in Solidarity with Palestine collective, the Red Universitaria por Palestina, the Sociodemography Research Group, the Political Theory Research Group, and the Climate Change and Human Mobility Project.



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