Back Jordi Pallarés, resident improviser at Phonos

Jordi Pallarés, resident improviser at Phonos

He will develop a new set of electroacoustic drums


Selected in the Phonos Summer-Fall 2022 call for residencies, we welcome Jordi Pallarés, who comes to develop an electronic and electroacoustic extension to his improvisation set with drums. During his stay at Phonos, Jordi will explore different electro-acoustic devices and processes, as well as various contact amplification systems. Jordi Pallarés will present his work to the public during the Residències Festival, at the end of 2022 at Sala Aranyó.

Jordi Pallarés is a sound artist, performer, instant composer, improviser, drummer, producer and curator. His artistic research converges between the experimental study of electroacoustic percussion and the performative arts composed in real time. He graduated from ESMuC as a drummer and post-graduated at the International University JazzCampus in Switzerland; where he was tutored by Fred Frith, Jorge Rossy and Gerry Hemingway. He has played with Fred Frith, Ángel Faraldo, Eric Bauer, Tom Chant, Aydin Esen, Chris Wiesendanger, Liba Villavecchia, Tomás Gubbins, Albert Cirera, Hannah Mofuta, Denitsa Dikova and Glòria Ros.

He is currently working all over Europe with creative music initiatives, interdisciplinary free improvisation and conceptual art projects. He is also co-founder of the Free Impro Barcelona Association and artistic director of the independent record label Orx!unarchiveS.


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