Back Gabriel Saber and La Incendiaria develop Mashup in residence

Gabriel Saber and La Incendiaria develop Mashup in residence

Dance and sound project selected in the summer-autumn 2022 call for proposals


Imatge inicial

A video mashup is a form of user-generated content that consists of combining multiple sources of pre-existing audiovisual material to produce a new, unified and autonomous video with a completely different meaning in relation to the originals. The practice has become very popular in recent years, made possible by Web 2.0 culture and the proliferation of technologies and techniques for doing so. In general, its dissemination platform is the web, mainly through YouTube and social networks.

This has been the original concept on which Mashup is based. The movement arises from working with its own video editing tools, thus creating confusing bodies that walk between the virtual and the everyday, and all the half-measures between these two extremes. The aim with this movement is also to open up different imaginaries to allow representations of diverse natures to appear, with an emphasis on landscapes of an erotic nature.

The sound setting for this project will be an electro-acoustic composition based on the ASMR aesthetic. The intention in using this aesthetic is to invite the spectator to immerse themselves in this performance, so that they feel connected to it in a more intimate way.

La Incendiaria was born in Valencia in 2021, where Rebeca Barroso and Sara Fondevila began to investigate and work together through movement. La Incendiaria premieres the piece Anilina 2.0 in the summer cultural programme 2021 in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Later, they participated in the dance cycle Migrats in Espacio Inestable in Valencia and in the Festival 150gr. in Vitoria-Gasteiz. They both currently live in Barcelona where they continue their higher studies at the Institut del Teatre working on their new piece Mashup.

Gabriel Saber is a Spanish/Brazilian composer. His passion for the creative aspects of art soon led him to numerous independent artistic projects, ranging from traditional choirs to theatre plays, where he often works as an actor and composer. In 2018, Gabriel finished his education at the Universidade Federal do Paraná in Music Composition, moving to Barcelona, where he pursued master studies in electronic composition at ESMUC.



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