Back Ràdio Web MACBA in residency at Phonos

Ràdio Web MACBA in residency at Phonos

During 2022, they will create sound libraries with RSF Kobol synthesizers.


Imatge inicial

At the end of the year in 2021 the friends of the Web Radio MACBA Working Group contacted us to create a library of free sounds from our RSF Kobol synthesizers. Previously, they had had a similar experience with INA GRM, so the idea of repeating the experience in the immediate environment that unites us seemed very natural. Thus was born a residency of the RWM Working Group during the year 2022 in collaboration with Phonos, to share the material capital of their studios at the UPF in Barcelona and incorporate the sonority and possibilities of the RSF Kobol synthesizer at their headquarters to their sound libraries.

Radio Web MACBA is a radio project of MACBA, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona. Conceived in 2006, RWM is the first podcasting project from an art institution in Spain and since then it has maintained an open dialogue with some of the most relevant international actors in the field of radio, operating at the intersection between art, radio practices and experimental music.

Radio Web MACBA is a radio outside the radio; an online project that accumulates 15 years of collective learning and more than 800 files, with lines of research related to the discursive lines of MACBA and also specific to the media we inhabit: internet, sound, expanded radio.

The RWM Working Group emerged in 2016 as a simple proposal to the project's closest team to spend time together, slow down processes, share a physical space and see what happened along the way. A simple and generous gesture: once a month, eleven times a year, we started to meet up, taking time out of our schedules to cook and spend some time together. Before, during and after, we shared hobbies and methodologies, we thought out loud and taught each other.


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