Back Huella Sonora, new release by Judro Guerrero at Phonos Netlabel

Huella Sonora, new release by Judro Guerrero at Phonos Netlabel

Project developed during a Phonos artistic residency in the winter 2022

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Huella Sonora is an act of deconstruction and manipulation of the soundscape used in the film En la Escucha, Guerrero's first feature film. En la Escucha is a kind of sound architecture that explores the passage of time from a non-human perspective, establishing the listening point in 400-year-old olive trees. Huella sonora is originally a performance, where the inner soundscape of the filmmaker coexists with projected images of his film, generating a symbiosis between the acousmatic and the projected images. In this binaural edition, we present the sound of the artwork alone, exploring the filmmaker's relationship with his work through the construction its sound field, as an unmistakable trace of his creative process.

Huella Sonora was created as part of a Phonos artistic residency during 2021. This edition has been mixed into binaural to preserve the spatial quality of the original work. Please listen with headphones.



Judro Guerrero (Badajoz, 1991) is a filmmaker and audiovisual artist who currently works between Barcelona and Badajoz. He graduated from the Faculty of Communication at the University of Seville, where his TFG focused on the area of cyberculture. He moved to Barcelona to continue his training as a filmmaker at ECIB, taking a course in Cinematography in Digital Cinema at ECIB. He is currently preparing his directorial debut with the feature film En la Escucha, developed as a project for the Master's Degree in Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra University. He combines his work as a filmmaker with experimentation with technological devices that generate new narratives for film-art.

Roger Navarro is a sound technician and designer. His love and interest in cinema as a spectator led him to study film at ESCAC, specialising in sound. He began working professionally as a sound designer on projects such as Ojos Negros, La Reina de los Lagartos and Gente Hablando. He is part of the organising team of the Americana Film Fest festival and is the sound technician for the music group Dewinter.



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