Back An evening of sound poetry and vocal experimentation

An evening of sound poetry and vocal experimentation

Thursday 22 September, 19 to 21:30h. Sala Aranyó (Campus UPF de Poblenou)

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Phonos and Sonhoras open the season together with a night full of sound poetry. Vocal experimentation. Sonic hybridisation. Radical noise. Modular lyricism. Loudspeaker grazing. Five performances pivoting around the textual possibilities of sound. Code. Sign. Breath. Repetition. Saturation. A new meeting point for the most active and grafted Chilean and Catalan poetry scenes. Come and enjoy an evening in which you will discover that it is without saying anything that more things are said. Throughout the evening there will be performances by Gregorio Fontén and Alexandra Mabes, Ginebra Raventós, Gerard Altaió, Eduard Escoffet and Pía Sommer.


Gregorio Fontén. As an artist and researcher he explores the vacillation between dance and listening, in which song appears as a resonance between body and environment. His work branches out into poetry; songs, improvisations, piano and field recordings; installations and visuals, the Winka Wayno Sound System, plastic works and speculative writings. Fontén currently resides in Valparaíso, Chile and is developing a postdoctoral project at the Art Institute of the Catholic University of Valparaíso that frames the artistic practice of vacilar as a Latin American sonic onto-fiction. He holds a PhD in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London and his work has been published and presented in different places in America and Europe. His songs have been described as unique and ramshackle, whose effect is hallucinatory, corrosive; at once strange and beautiful.

Alexandra Mabes. She studied dance at the Universidad Arcis and perfected her skills in Argentina and the USA. On her return to Chile she was awarded two National Culture Funds (Fondart) to produce her works "Me quede todo el día en la casa" and BLANCO, which were exhibited at La Vitrina, GAM and La Sala Jorge Diaz at the Universidad Finis Terrae, as well as creating various small-scale pieces. In 2013 he travels to Vienna, Austria to be part of Amanda Piña's work War, touring with her for 3 years in various international festivals. He returned to Santiago de Chile in 2016. She is currently working with the choreographer Nuri Gutes, she is also in charge of the space that promotes the arts of movement and performance Sala de Maquinas.

Ginebra Raventós. Poet and sound artist. In 2021 she published the vinyl Saturn darrere nostre: el glaç, el got, el buit, l'acte verge, a collection of sound poems inspired by the destructive beauty of the planet Saturn and the hypothetical sound of the universe. She investigates the word in amplified formats: psychoacoustics, installation and performance. A tireless explorer, she continues to explore the sonic and performative possibilities of poetry through proposals that continue the path initiated by authors such as Brion Gysin, Henri Chopin and Bernard Heidsieck.

Eduard Escoffet. Poet and cultural agitator. His work focuses on sound poetry and live recital. Known for his activity in the Barcelona countercultural scene, he has performed in poetry festivals and programmes all over the world. Co-founder of the collective projectes poètics sense títol - (1996-2016). Co-director of Barcelona Poesia (Barcelona International Poetry Festival) between 2010 and 2012. He directed the festival of current poetic practices PROPOSTA at the CCCB (2000-2004). Curator, with Eugeni Bonet, of the film cycle Próximamente en esta pantalla on lyricist cinema at the MACBA (2005). He is co-author of the plays Wamba va! (with Gerard Altaió, Josep Pedrals and Martí Sales, 2005), Puaj./Ecs. (with G. Altaió and J. Pedrals, 2005) and La Belbel Underground (with Carles Hac Mor and G. Altaió, 2006). He has published the poetry books Gaire (Pagès, 2012) and El terra i el cel (LaBreu, 2013), and the artist's book Estramps with Evru (2012). With the electronic band Bradien he has released the albums Pols (spa.RK, 2012) and Escala (spa.RK, 2015). He is currently part of the duet Barba Corsini together with Pope with whom he has released Clot (2020) and Un nou incendi (2021).

Pía Sommer. Anartist. She works on issues related to sound and the visible, is a poet, visual artist and active participant in La Internacional Ruidísta. She has been invited to numerous solo and group exhibitions, festivals, talks, readings, publications, national and international galleries and museums in Latin America and Europe. She works mainly with media such as voice, video, loudspeakers and graphic work; formats such as installations, performances, video art and the use of new technologies. He formed a small band in 2016 with Ferran Garcia: Utòpic_Ment_54 in which they mixed poetry and electronics, drum machines and live processed voices. He has published the poetry plaquettes Frecuentemente Isla (2015), Aéreos (2017) and Terrenales (2018). His long poem El Frente de los Geranios (Cuadernos Imperdonables, 2018 / Francisco Cumpián master printer) was published in Málaga. His graphic poems have been published in one of the editions of Die Horen Magazine in Germany and the Anthology Bi-lingue PO-EX.

Gerard Altaió / 打油. Text artist. His work explores the limits between the word and physical presence beyond its meaning. From concrete poetry to semiotics, he has been building an experimental work halfway between conceptual art and literature. He works with absurdity and meaninglessness based on the act of reading, understanding the text as an autonomous element. Poetry, video poetry, digital poetry, installation, theatre, performance... from 2006 to 2015 he lived in Beijing. From 2000 to 2004 he directed the object magazine "Al Buit". His work has been published in various experimental magazines and he has exhibited in several group exhibitions (including the Cafa Museum Art Biennale, Beijing). He was the organiser of "01", the first digital poetry meeting in China in 2006. He also works as a curator. He has been the chief curator of the programme for Dashilar in Barcelona as a guest city of the BJDW. He currently directs "Sonhoras", a publishing project of experimental poetry and a monthly cycle of live poetry programming in the city of Barcelona. He also directs the LP magazine of sound poetry "VOXXX". He is a member of the collective L'Automàtica, an associative space that has recovered a typographic printing press.

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