Back Delirium Ensemble presents OPEN SOURCES, their new multimedia show

Delirium Ensemble presents OPEN SOURCES, their new multimedia show

Wednesday 23 November, 20h. Sala Aranyó (Campus UPF, Poblenou)


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OPEN SOURCES is a multimedia performance, conceived as an interaction between electronic music, live music and visual elements, both video and images. Through OPEN SOURCES, Delirium Ensemble reflects on the role of open source systems through current music; in the way in which current composers use material from other authors to create new works, and on the meaning that these new works acquire and their influence on contemporary society.

The Delirium Ensemble is composed of members from a wide variety of backgrounds and formations, spanning different continents and crossing cultural barriers. It is based on the principle of group work and forms, together with its conductor, a unitary body. The Deliriums perform in variable formations: from duos and small groups (as in the case of this concert) to larger formations. Each member participates very actively in the realisation of the projects and takes part both in the conception of the projects and in the process of organising them.



Joan Gómez Alemany Archive Delirium (2022)

José Pablo Polo UNVEILED (2022)

Alberto Bernal PLAY (2022)


The following works will be presented in video-installation format:

Johannes Kreidler ›MUSIC-19‹

Oliver Rutz für Perkussion, Saxophone und eine Wohnung

Raphaël Belfiore Ends with the sounds from their own means


Delirium Ensemble 4.0Ferran Gorrea i Muñoz (saxophone/live electronics), Francisco Olmedo Molina (trombone/live electronics), Yite Chang (electric guitar/live electronics), Henry Heizmann (drums/live electronics)

Agnès Pe – DJ/electronics

Wiktor Kociuban – artistic director

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Jose Pablo Pablo
Joan Gómez Alemany


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