Back James Bradbury, ESPORA composer in residency 2022

James Bradbury, ESPORA composer in residency 2022

He will develop parts of his artistic research in Phonos from 13 to 21 May

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During his stay at Phonos, James will spend some time re-immersing himself in the FluCoMa tools from the perspective of a creative-coder and practitioner, rather than as someone working from inside the developing team.

James is interested in using the FluCoMa tools to sift, sieve and sort an audio corpus of digital samples in different but related “views”, generating different organisations of sounds that can be aligned, compared and arranged into compositional structures. Furthermore, he will apply tyhe resulting structures to critically inform his use of the multi-speaker array at Sala Aranyó, presenting the outcomes of his experiments live on Friday 20th May at 20h.

As part of his stay at Phonos, James Bradbury will offer an open seminar on their current research as associate of the FLUCOMA Project at the University of Huddersfield. Wednesday 18 May at 12:30.  Room 55.003, Campus UPF de Poblenou. Attendance without previous reservation.

James Bradbury is a creative-coder and artist from Perth, Western Australia currently living in Northern England. He enjoys programming and often harness the computer to find and organise audio-samples through machine listening and learning. He currently works as a Research Fellow in Creative Coding on the Fluid Corpus Manipulation project. He has just released his album Interferences (link on the right).

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