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Cante Flamenco Tech MOOC satisfaction survey results



The Cante Flamenco Tech MOOC taught by Emilia Gómez and Alba Guerrero was attended by 500 students. It lasted for 4 weeks and was published on the MiríadaX platform.

In general, the course has had very satisfactory results as shown by the data from the survey. For example, 45% of those surveyed said that it was a very good course and 26% rated it as excellent. The MOOC has fulfilled the expectations of the students, with 22% stating that it has completely exceeded their expectations, 31% stating that it has exceeded their expectations in part and 39% stating that it was as expected. 67% of students confirmed that they have obtained a personal improvement in confidence and knowledge thanks to the MOOC and 21% have obtained an improvement in their current employment skills.


Regarding the platform, 98% of the participants who responded to the survey indicated that they are satisfied and highly satisfied with MiríadaX. In addition, more than 80% state that they are interested in continuing to do MOOC courses. In terms of the teaching staff, 100% of the students surveyed stated that they would like to do another course with the same teachers.


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