All of the information and academic and administrative management that regulates and affects the MA Thesis (TFM) will be done through a specific TFM course located in the Aula Global. Any questions regarding the interpretation of the information presented here, or the updating of information and instructions will be made in the corresponding Global Classroom course, exclusively for students enrolled.

1) The figure of Panel President will coordinate about 10-12 defenses. These defenses will be grouped into time slots which will be announced on the Department's website.

2) The President coordinates how the assigned defenses are carried out, including coordination with the Administration Office and other members of the panel. The Administration Office will collect the evaluation sheets for each TFM, as well as the acceptance form for the online publication of the thesis paper, which will have been submitted and signed by the student. Finally, the President will ensure uniformity in the evaluation process, and will nominate a candidate for Honors Degree, from among the papers which have received the highest possible mark.

3) In the court of each TFM, apart from the president, the director of work will be together with another professor internal or external to the program (from the research line of each TFM ->) proposed by the director of the TFM or, failing that, by the president or by the Master's coordinator.

4) All instructions on the timing and delivery procedure of the TFM can be found in the Global Classroom.

5) The time for each research TFM defense will be for up to 50 minutes. The student's opening presentation will be for up to 20 minutes, followed by questions and comments of the members of the panel. For academic TFMs, the total duration of each defense will be for a maximum of 30 minutes, and the oral presentation of 10 minutes.