Since currently the UPF is developing a pilot Language Landing Program, it may thus be that the following activitiesmay be subject to change for the upcoming academic year 2017-2018 

Barcelona is a bilingual city, where both Catalan, the city's and Catalonia's own language, and Spanish, are spoken. One of the features of the program is that it can help you to have a basic and receptive knowledge of Catalan by the end of the first term.

To attain this aim, if you don't have any previous knowledge of Catalan, it is mandatory that you enrol in the following language landing program, which has been designed to give you practical information of Catalan language and culture.


Linguistic tutor: Elisenda Bernal.

The landing program has the following three periods.

  1. Before you arrive in Barcelona.
  2. Upon arrival, before classes start.
  3. During the academic year.


1. Before you arrive in Barcelona.

If you don't have any previous knowledge of Catalan we advise you to take the following beginner's courses in the two languages before you arrive.

  • We recommend that you take one of the courses at, a virtual space that offers educational material for the learning of Catalan. These courses are open and free, but registration is mandatory.
  • offers four levels (from beginner to sufficient), and each level is divided into three courses of approximately 45 h. You can either manage your own progress in the courses or ask for a tutor (this second option will require you to pay a symbolic fee).


2. Upon arrival, before classes start.

At the Pre-registration session with your tutor, which has to be scheduled around the second week of September, you will be asked to:

  1. give a copy of the certification for the online courses you completed.
  2. fill out a form with the linguistic programs you will sign up for during September and during the academic year.

Around the second half of September, the University offers two 15 euro courses of the Càtedra Pompeu Fabra as a part of the language introduction programme for non-Catalan UPF students:

  • A quick glance at Catalonia
    • Hours: 15.
    • Calendar: 19-23 September 2016, 15-18h
  • What else should I know about Catalan culture?
    • Hours: 15.
    • Calendar: 26-30 September, 10-13h

These courses will be compulsory for students that cannot prove their knowledge of Catalan. You can easily register through the following link: 

Your language tutor will notify Idiomes-UPF the students who are required to attend the Catalan courses and you will be contacted by the administration if you do not register.


3. During the academic year.

During the first term, we will strongly recommend that you sign up for the following courses that UPF offers for international students at a low prices.

Catalan Intensive 45-Hour Course 

If you have any questions about the landing program, you can contact your linguistic tutor: Elisenda Bernal.